Janin aka. Fetus (2020) film

Janin aka. Fetus
  • Szereplők:
  • Jill Gladys
  • Reuben Elishama
  • Meriam Bellina
  • Arnold Leonard
Feltöltve ingyen.film.hu oldalra: 09.15, 2020

Randu (Reuben Elishama Hadju) and Dinar (Jill Gladys) are happy because Dinar conceives for the fourth month. However, their happiness slowly disappears when a middle-aged woman, Sukma (Meriam Bellina), becomes their new neighbor. Strangeness makes Dinar feel scared and often disturbs the fetus in the womb. Dinar feels threatened when she sees a female ghost who wants to take her fetus.